Exmouth Group is a family within a family.

Meet the team
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Our Principles


Exmouth Group is striving to become the premiere real estate boutique in the Sarnia-Lambton marketplace. By implementing sound models and systems, we ensure our clients receive a concierge level of customer service.


To use our unique leadership, experience, and knowledge to provide superior real estate counsel to our clients. We know that each transaction begins with a relationship. That is why we build ours on honesty and hard-earned trust, from beginning to end.

Value Statement

God, Family, then Business. To do what we do best, we align our core values with those of Keller Williams. Our relationship with God guides how we take care of our Family. These things help provide a standard of care that guides our clients towards achieving their goals.


We provide a professional, full-service relationship that is designed to last a lifetime. Exmouth Group thinks like a top producer but acts like a successful small business. We focus all of our energy where it matters - client service, productivity, profitability, and sustainability. We follow the systems and models that work to benefit our clients.

Our Belief System



We want clients to have wins all around from start to finish. If you win, we win too.


We believe in doing the right thing and making the right choices along the way.


Your needs are important to the Exmouth Group - we put you first.


Commitment to every step of the process because we love what we do.


Together everyone achieves more, the Exmouth Group team and the clients.


Starts with an honest relationship, and that’s what we provide to our clients.


Opportunities for everyone across Sarnia-Lambton.


We believe in people, and through that we gain success through our clients trusting us.

Why choose Exmouth Group?

When you are ready to sell your home, we are ready to help! Our comprehensive marketing strategies will ensure your home is seen by thousands of motivated buyers.

Meet The Team

Learn more about Exmouth Group family and how we came to be.


Jamie Sloan

Sales Representative / Realtor

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Jamie Sloan is the public face of Exmouth Group and has been a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative since 2009. With over 25 years of commission sales and negotiating experience, Jamie continues to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, so that clients don’t have to be. Jamie is a great listener and communicator. He prides himself on Exmouth Group’s standard of care and how that ultimately benefits all clients. Going above and beyond in all aspects of the transaction allows Jamie to create more meaningful relationships. He believes that clients of Exmouth Group are not just clients - they are friends as well.


Tracy Sloan

Deal Coordinator / Administration

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Tracy Sloan is truly the captain of the ship and, as such, is positioned as the Director of First Impressions! As an Unlicensed Assistant, Tracy navigates the back-end of Exmouth Group with administration, deal coordination and scheduling. She makes sure that Jamie is at his absolute best for clients, ever single day. Tracy is an organized professional in her own right and is laser focused on making sure that every client experience is a great one right from the beginning. The symmetry of a husband and wife team is a unique value add for both clients and colleagues of Exmouth Group. Jamie and Tracy compliment each other’s skill and characters perfectly. Tracy is also Exmouth Group’s in house listing photographer! With a passion for photography, Tracy uses her ever-growing skill set to the advantage of our clients. She believes in the importance of a great photo, and the impact it can have on your listing!


Spencer Sloan

Director of Digital Impressions

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Spencer Sloan has been positioned as Exmouth Group's Director of Digital Impressions since 2018. As Jamie's oldest son, Spencer has been helping in the Real Estate world since he was 5 years old. With a keen eye for videography, and his creative skill set, Spencer creates high quality products that lead to better listings.


Sebastian Sloan

Director of Open House Impressions

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Sebastian Sloan, Director of Open House Impressions, has also been in Real Estate since he was just a toddler. The newest member of the Exmouth Group team, he brings a warm and welcoming presence to every Open House. As he continues to grow into his role, he has always understood that first impressions are everything, and contribute to the success of listing your home!

Looking for a career in real estate?

Have you ever thought about working for yourself? Or wondering what a career in real estate might be like? Exmouth Group is expanding and we are always looking for talented individuals in the Sarnia-Lambton area.